Wardlaw Claims Concierge™

In our nearly 50 years, Wardlaw has noticed a need for a higher level of customer service, and has brought into this, what we call a Claims Concierge™. This approach is unique in the industry: no one else has the combination of an experienced adjuster, with a high level of attention to detail who offers a blue ribbon , step-by-step level of policyholder service.


Who is a Wardlaw’s Claims Concierge?

First and foremost, they have concern for the policyholder in mind. They understand that when a policyholder has a claim, the situation can make or break the relationship between the insurance company and the insured.

By “job description” alone our Claims Concierges are “desk” or “inside adjusters”, but they also do far more than just coordinate claims. They work from an office in the dual role of adjuster and customer care representative, using the power of Catapult™ (a claims handling system developed exclusively by us) and other software tools unique to the insurance adjuster trade to add a level of communication and transparency for every single insured/customer. For them, it is all about keeping policyholders satisfied whenever possible throughout the claims process.

Like the name implies, a Wardlaw Claims Concierge offers policyholders a platinum level of services and in this case means assisting the insured with every aspect of the claim process, which allows for the best possible policyholder experience. Our Claims Concierge is a branded insurance adjuster role that sets them apart from their “inside adjuster” counterparts through their ability to communicate and serve the customer throughout the claims process at a higher level. Only the best of our inside/desk adjusters can reach the status of Claims Concierge.

Our Claims Concierge has a clearly defined role and works in a unique two person team environment, also exclusive to Wardlaw. They never work alone, but rather coordinate our field adjuster from our Claims Help Network (call center). they do not go to the loss site when completing a claim in this role. Instead, the other team member is an onsite property adjuster. In tandem they complete a residential property claim in detail, comparing photos, and notes and working the claim together using our iPad photo streaming app to expedite claim completion time.

A Claims Concierge is normally a standard part of Wardlaw’s RoofLook and AutoLook services. However a Claims Concierge can be brought into any of Wardlaw’s programs.

Here’s a link to download the brochure. Want to know more? Contact us!