Wardlaw Total Adjuster® Certification

The Wardlaw Total Adjuster® Certification is an ongoing training program. Adjusters are awarded a certificate of “completion” after they meet the minimum requirements as far as experience, licenses, classes and take and pass the final hands on and written Wardlaw Total Adjuster Certification test.

However, adjusters are required to keep up to date on all CE credits and licenses to keep this certification.

NOTE: The Total Adjuster Certification distinction can be revoked at any time by Wardlaw Claims Service for various reasons including: legal action against the adjuster, complaints by carriers about performance, etc.

What is The Wardlaw Total Adjuster® Certification?

This program is completely unique to Wardlaw and is an evaluation of adjuster’s experience and skills using both hands on situations and a written test. We do claims for several carriers and the requirements are based loosely on areas of “skill commonality” that we see in the certifications for each of those national carriers, in addition to skills we have seen necessary on site. In the test, adjusters are asked to demonstrate skills and knowledge. The final certification is offered only if the adjuster passes the test with a grade of 70 or better. The certification process also lets us see where an adjuster needs to improve. And we also offer the classes to do just that.

NOTE: If you are just starting in the adjusting profession, we encourage you to read the information on Property Adjusters and Auto Adjusters on our web site. This information will give you a great overview of what is involved in being an adjuster and what the requirements are, if you don’t already know them. Please be aware, that these requirements vary from state to state and not all states share licensing reciprocity.

What exactly does the Wardlaw Total Adjuster Certification Test Entail?

It’s a combination of a written test and a hands-on property evaluation in the Wardlaw Training Center. The hands-on part of the certification involves the same type of activities an adjuster would do in the field—measuring rooms and roofs, calculating replacement quantities, hand writing an estimate, typing documentation, meeting with the Insured and answering coverage issues using the Insured’s policy as reference. Basically, adjusters work a fictitious claim to demonstrate their individual abilities and flag any skill gaps. The evaluation can also help beginning adjusters who are new to the field get a realistic view of what is expected of them. Individual performance is reviewed with Wardlaw Training Center personnel.

But I have 5, 10, 15 years adjusting experience. Why should I get a Wardlaw Total Adjuster Certification? OR I’m licensed in several states and have passed many carrier certifications so how does this help me?

First, the program helps verify skills and abilities in a numerical, measurable way. This can increase opportunities for deployment and make an adjuster more marketable. And let’s face it, even the best adjusters can get rusty. This program helps find areas of strength and weakness allowing an adjuster to improve, making them more marketable, and more skilled. And since we’ve been in this business for nearly 50 years, we think we have a handle on what adjusters need to know, and the skills required to get work, not just for us, for anyone.

Do I need an adjuster’s license to attend the program?

No, but you must have a license in order to be deployed/work. We suggest you begin with your home state if it requires a license. If not, you’ll need to get one from another state–preferably a testing state.

What is the fee for the certification? How often is it offered?

While we do charge for some training, we don’t charge for the testing, although you are responsible for your travel expenses. You can take the test twice a year maximum in an attempt to pass.

In general, the test is given monthly, though it may be postponed during high storm activity.

How do I sign up for the Wardlaw Total Adjuster Certification?

Email our training program at: wctc@wardlawclaims.com.

If I am not already on your roster, how soon after getting my certification can I expect to be deployed?

That is entirely dependent on your skill levels and our need for adjusters in the field at any given time. You may be called out the next week; however, sometimes it is much longer before your services are needed.

How do you choose what adjusters to add to your roster?

Our process might change during times of large events (we staff more hiring managers to evaluate people to speed the process up, for example), but it’s designed to help us identify the most appropriate situations for an adjuster’s future deployment. It also helps both Wardlaw and the adjuster pinpoint areas in which they might need to strengthen skills. This process lets us maintain our reputation for providing highly-skilled, professional adjusters. If you previously passed the Wardlaw Total Adjuster Certification Test, you’re automatically added to our roster in most situations.

Why should I work for Wardlaw Claims Service over other IA firms?

Stated simply, we are family owned and operated and have been for nearly 50 years. We care about our adjusters, and treat them with respect. After all, satisfied adjusters produce superior claims. We are always searching for adjusters with the following skills and characteristics:

Integrity: Our employees adhere to the highest ethical standards and walk that talk.

Work ethic: Hard work, superior attention to detail, and long hours are key to any adjuster’s success.

Time management: Extraordinarily efficient time management results in more closed claims and better service

Customer Satisfaction: Carriers want to keep policyholders happy and the services the adjuster delivers can make or break this.

Experience: A good amount of verifiable field experience and adequate training, is required.

Licensing: Our adjusters should be licensed in their home states. Residents of states that do not require licensing are required to obtain a non-resident Texas license.

Computer proficiency: Our adjusters must use estimating software such as Xactimate and Symbility (depending on carrier requirements) and Microsoft Windows products.


There are many reasons to work with Wardlaw Claims Service.

Excellent client base: Our carrier clients are all over the USA and have market driven fee schedules. Some of the largest insurers in the industry trust their claims to us.

Top-notch management support: Wardlaw Claims Service home office and field support staff are the most knowledgeable, helpful and accessible in the business.

Leading technology: Online resources and Catapult, our Claims Management Software allows our adjusters to streamline the administrative details, freeing them up to focus on adjusting claims rather than forms and paperwork.

Superior training: From software, estimating, product identification, policy interpretation to best claim practices, the Wardlaw Training Center offers practical courses that further your professional development

To find out more about the Wardlaw Total Adjuster Certification, email our training department at: wctc@wardlawclaims.com.



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