SecondLook offers re-inspections, claim and scope quality assurance checks, and damage repair confirmations. The service reduces risks and costs while increasing carrier and policyholder satisfaction.

SecondLook Re-Inspection Service

  • Settles disputes faster: The repair contractor and the adjuster inspect the property damage together and agree on repairs on the same day.
  • Reduces claim cycle time: Allows the contractor and adjuster to come to a face-to-face agreement making this a “one and done” process.
  • Increases accuracy of re-assessment: The adjuster has mobile access to the initial claim estimate, photos, and other documentation.

SecondLook Quality Assurance Inspections provide a GA-level adjuster who is an expert in damage and material recognition to re-evaluate a loss with an extra eye on detail. Regardless of why a claim may be suspect or in dispute, this quality assurance check gives confirmation or clarification of the loss and claim.

SecondLook Repair Confirmation offers carriers the opportunity to verify that repairs have been made to the specifications stated. A Wardlaw adjuster meets with the contractor who completed the repairs and confirms the work was indeed finished and the agreed upon materials were used – ensuring policyholder satisfaction.

A Professional Engineer Assessment is also available with all SecondLook services. This option offers an immediate evaluation by a Wardlaw Professional Engineer via wireless communication with the on-site adjuster – providing an unprecedented expert opinion at a surprisingly low cost. This option is unique to Wardlaw.

Unique in the Industry: Wardlaw’s SecondLook Water Mitigation or Emergency Services Review started in October of 2013. Wardlaw is The Water Mitigation Program Pioneer! The program has been perfected and launched with carrier clients. Analytics audits the various estimates/records provided by the restoration vendor. This process has identified over billing – average cost savings of almost $600 per invoice. We have worked with companies that compensate their review vendors with a percentage of savings making the smaller, recoveries less appealing and worthy of their time and effort. And it’s effective: In the first year, Wardlaw has saved carriers almost $2,000,000.

And it’s all done the Wardlaw Way – with integrity, accuracy, and excellence.