RoofLook is a unique tiered service that offers several roof and structure damage assessment options, tailored to meet carrier needs. The basic services offers simple roof inspections, but RoofLook can be expanded to include the roof as well as an exterior and an interior scope of damage.

  • Need a basic roof damage assessment? Then you need RoofLook.
  • Need a roof assessment, but also want the structure interior or exterior assessed? Then you need RoofLook+.
  • Need a roof assessment with an estimate? Pick RoofLook+$.
  • If you require an extensive detailed report with a roof, interior and exterior assessment, then you need RoofLook+$Docs.

How does it work?

A field adjuster is sent to the scope site by an inside Claims Concierge. The adjuster assesses the property and sends details/measurements in real time to the Claims Concierge, who works up the carrier requested reports and documents including an aerial photo via EagleView, AerialLogics, or Pictometry data. As always, a GA-level Wardlaw manager reviews all claims for quality assurance.

The key to it all is fast, accurate assessments using the latest mobile technologies and consistent communication with the insured to drive customer satisfaction. In fact, Wardlaw Claims Service has achieved a claim cycle time of 2.5 days from beginning to end for the RoofLook service line.

RoofLook is just one of the ways we can meet the needs of your organization – through higher quality inspections, faster cycle times, and satisfied policyholders. And remember, when you choose Wardlaw, you get our national reputation for integrity, accuracy, and excellence.

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