Fast Track Adjusting

Fast Track Adjusting

How is Fast Track Adjusting Unique?

  • It leverages Catapult, a Claims Management System developed exclusively by Wardlaw, to provide carrier clients with secure, web-based access to claims.
  • Via Catapult, there is visibility into the status of a claim— 24/7/365.
  • Users can send and receive most any data format, including HTML, Fax, and email.
  • Fast Track Adjusting claim cycle times are as low as two or three days.
  • Claims management can be leveled up to include an onsite adjuster if needed
  • The Fast Track Adjusting process is monitored by Wardlaw’s Management Team of EGA-level adjusters who also review every claim.

This real-time access to claims inspires confidence in policyholders and reflects Wardlaw’s operational and technological excellence.

Fast Track Adjusting, Wardlaw’s desktop adjusting service, was first offered in 1997. By uniquely leveraging our in-house technology department and locating these adjusters at our onsite call center, or at a carrier location, our management team is able to keep close watch on systems, workflows and training. There’s minimal ramp-up time and the service is fully scalable. As a result, insurance carriers that engage Wardlaw for Fast Track Adjusting realize labor, cycle time, and adjusting savings.

Should assistance be required with the Fast Track Adjusting process, our Claims Help Network is located onsite in our state-of-the-art, 43,000 sq. ft. Wardlaw Training Center campus for optimal claims management. A crack adjusting management team, comprised of field-tested EGA-level adjusters with more than 300 years of combined experience, oversees the entire Fast Track Adjusting process. The latest communication technology lets our Management Team listen in on calls and coach adjusters as needed. Not a single claim returns to an insurance carrier without one of these managers reviewing and approving it.

For more than 10 years, Wardlaw has been sending teams of inside adjusters to work onsite for our customers. Scaled to your needs, we’ll send desk adjusters or file reviewers to work next to you, on your systems and performing whatever tasks you choose. It’s as easy as that.

With Catapultat its foundation, Wardlaw’s Fast Track Adjusting provides customers with the ability to track all their claims anywhere 24/7/365 helping them close claims more quickly, the Wardlaw Way – with integrity, accuracy, and excellence.

Download our datasheet about Fast Track Adjusting. Or, contact us to learn more.