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Some claims management companies boast “service centers and field offices in all areas of the country”.

But what exactly does that mean?

Sometimes it can mean just one independent adjuster working from his home. Not exactly a “service center” in our book.

So How is Wardlaw Different?

We have what we call the Wardlaw Adjuster Network. And it’s exactly that, our network of independent adjusters. We’ve been in the industry nearly 50 years, long enough to have met quite a few adjusters, giving us the very best ones in each area. These adjusters must meet our criteria in customer service, claims cycle times, detail management, etc. to work for us. Period.

Frankly, we won’t tell you we have a service center somewhere if we don’t. That’s just not The Wardlaw Way. And our motto of Leading Claims Innovation means we have the technology to process claims any where, any time, on your schedule, meeting your needs.

So, where do you need independent adjusters? What experience is required? What kind of claim is it? Call us at 800-217-0901 and we will check the Wardlaw Adjuster Network and tell you straight, who and where they are, why we picked them for your specific claims needs, and all about their qualifications.

Simple. Honest. That’s the Wardlaw Way.