Claims Help Network

Claims Help Network

Keeping everyone connected simply expedites claims. Communication is the lifeblood of good business, and perhaps at no other time is it more vital–and complicated–than during a catastrophe. It’s a key element of success or failure during any catastrophe. Peoples’ lives are up-ended, their emotions run high and low, and they need someone to do more than process a claim: they need somewhere to turn – like Wardlaw’s Claims Help Network.

The Claims Help Network processed tens of thousands of calls during the hurricane season of 2008.

Consider the Claims Help Network, our in-house call center, the calm eye of a storm. Our team of phone adjusters and customer service reps provide inbound and outbound call services that can be scaled for any size emergency. They not only handle and process claims, but provide compassion when your customers need it most. In the midst of catastrophe people often have no idea how to navigate the claims process. We help them every step of the way.

Few IAs have their own in-house call center, so undirected customers must call their carriers directly. The process is not only inefficient for the carrier, but leaves your customers feeling lost in the shuffle.

At Wardlaw, we contact claimants by phone within 24 hours and provide information and an 800 number so they can call us to handle their service needs. We can quickly access case information, solve problems, and soothe callers when they need assurance the most. It’s not unusual for us to take a call with a heartfelt thank you at the other end, coming from a policyholder who wanted us to know how much they appreciate that first contact call, or that our phone representative was so nice, caring, and helpful.

Communication is the key to successful catastrophe response. It gives peace of mind in tough times, for carriers and claimants alike. Open communication, proven customer service, integrity, accuracy, and excellence — that’s the Wardlaw promise.

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