Catapult, Wardlaw’s Claims Management System: Simple. Intuitive. Proven.
Designed for adjusters and claims managers

  • Field Proven and Vetted: Developed by Wardlaw’s industry experts with adjusting experience and used by carriers for over 5 years to ensure reliability
  • Portable: Web-based, front-end applications with easy-to-use interfaces
  • Robust: Provides complete, real-time transparency into the status of every single claim-related document, activity log, email, and more.
  • Current: LIVE claims data and real time reports
  • Intuitive: Easy to learn and use
  • Safe: Secure information
  • Continually Improved: New features are added monthly based on client feedback

For the Adjuster
Simplicity: One toolbar presents almost all the information in the claim

  • Organizes and tracks all claims
  • Maps: Loss Location, Weather Data
  • Intuitive: Auto fills documents such as carrier policies and endorsements in the Library.
  • Mobile app for iPhone and Droid devices, WCS, uploads data, photos and notes to Catapult automatically with no manual syncing required.

For Claims Managers
Immediate File Review and Complete Claims Information

  • Provides close communication between the adjusters and carrier or Wardlaw management on all files.
  • Claims managers see everything that is or is NOT on the adjuster’s claim at any time
  • Catapult allows management team members access for updates and claim reviews at any time: keep on top of the claim and ensure that the finish product is “Good to GO” when sent to the carrier.
  • Secure: Adjusters only see the claims that are assigned to them
  • Robust: communicate with adjusters, and view adjuster documents.
  • Weather Reviews: When and where, past hail, wind and tornado reports
  • Customizable: Rules-based
  • Easy for a carrier to ramp up and use
  • Very small amount of downtime used for updating the system
  • Online video training tutorials
  • Adjusters get claim access from the field for notes, photos etc, and direct emails to the specific management groups from a claim.
  • Map, print out mapping, organize claims by several different methods.

No One Size Fits All
Our technologists took a service-oriented architectural approach to developing Catapult, focusing on the user experience. The result is a unique, modular platform that Wardlaw can customize for each client. Need a customer service module to track adjuster feedback? Plug it in. What about arbitration? You’re covered there. The same goes for call center, review, and other specialized applications. There’s even a module to forecast reserves. Each module operates independently for ease of use, yet they all rely upon the same data center for efficiency.

The same service-oriented mindset contributed to our developing Catapult as platform independent. It’s as important as its modularity when it comes to quick integration with a carrier’s existing property and auto estimating systems. Wardlaw can customize it to meet your needs in short order, enabling you to start processing claims quickly.

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