Wardlaw’s AutoLook service offers insurance carriers auto claims adjusting with a unique combination…

  • A customer service focus
  • A team environment: an onsite auto adjuster, a Wardlaw Claims Concierge in house, and the body shop damage assessor
  • Real time communication among the team

….all resulting in reduced cycle time.


How is our AutoLook Service Unique?

  • Fast Policyholder Contact: A Wardlaw Claims Concierge™ is utilized to verbally holds the insureds hand during the entire process
  • It Occurs in a Team Environment and Offers Team Efficiency: The Wardlaw Claims Concierge and the on-site (inspecting) adjuster work in tandem with the repair shop, assessing the vehicle together, viewing photos in real-time via mobile technology, and agreeing on the estimate of damages. This all ensures accuracy, that every detail is managed, and means two sets of eyes are on the claim from the start
  • Truly a Real-time Service: Photos are shared by the team as the vehicle is being inspected
  • Virtually Eliminates Disagreements Between the Adjuster’s Estimate and the Repair Shop’s Estimate
  • Doing it Right the First Time Means a Reduction in Re-inspections: Claims close faster, as disagreements between the adjuster and the repair shop are virtually eliminated, minimizing the need for costly re-inspections
  • Only AutoLook uses the power of Catapult, Wardlaw’s Scale-to-fit Claims Management System

The AutoLook service is fully customizable to best meet carrier and policyholder needs. And because it all happens in the background, it’s transparent to the policyholder. All they are aware of is fantastic customer service.

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AutoLook is an innovative approach to auto claims, and is a win-win for carriers and policyholders.

And when you choose Wardlaw to handle your auto claims, you get our national reputation for integrity, accuracy, and excellence.

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