In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities:
integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.” ~ Warren Buffet

Frankly, we’d love to have adjusters with these qualities work for us. Because these are also the qualities of Wardlaw. When the going gets tough, when we get busy, we all pitch in and figure out how to help. We require no less from the adjusters on our roster.

That’s why we really take a hard look at every adjuster’s education, background, experience, references, and what events have they worked for. Usually we have a phone conversation too. We want them to know who we are, and we want to know them. After all, they represent Wardlaw and our clients. They are the first face an insured sees. Their work ethic, professionalism and personality matters.

Which is one of the reasons we came up with the Total Adjuster Certification. We’re looking for particular adjusters.

Benefits of the Total Adjuster® Program

  • Ongoing Learning: Unparalleled continuing educational opportunities through our unique hands-on training keep your skills sharp
  • Connecting with Carriers: Our growing portfolio of services creates more opportunities for you
  • Using Technology on the Job: The latest wireless and database technologies keep you competitive
  • Leveraging Our Tools: Access to resources like the Total Adjuster claims portal and email portal help increase your productivity
  • Bringing it all Together: Our Annual Wardlaw Claims Conference keeps you on the cutting edge of the industry and gives you the opportunity to network and relax with your peers

Wardlaw has been the claims service choice of major insurance carriers for almost 50 years – because we provide the most seasoned, well-trained adjusters in the industry through our Total Adjuster® Program.

Why Become a Total Adjuster?

You are Wardlaw’s “feet on the street” – representing Wardlaw’s principles of integrity, accuracy, and excellence to carriers and policyholders. We know the quality of service from our adjusters is what sets us apart, so we have invested in the best training courses and facilities to enable you to excel.

Training is key to the Wardlaw story. What began as a series of 2-3 day courses created in the late 1990s for a major client has grown into our state-of-the-art, 43000-square-foot Wardlaw Claims Training Center established in 2004. The Center, open to all adjusters, includes claims adjuster licensing, continuing education, and estimating software training. This curriculum ensures that both entry-level students and seasoned adjusters are on track to become a Total Adjuster. By always offering the latest continuing education courses, with hands-on experience in a variety of areas, the Center gives adjusters the opportunity to gather the tools to deliver quality service.

Starting with foundation courses and moving upward, our instruction goes from start to finish. Our training facilities and resources include:

  • A property lab consisting of a full-scale, 1200-square-foot cutaway house, complete with two bedrooms and one bathroom.
  • An auto lab enabling real-life, hands-on training that accommodates up to 15 vehicles and includes an auto lift for inspection under vehicles.
  • Industry-standard software training and usage.
  • Self-study courses enabling self-paced computer-based training.
  • The ability to quickly train adjusters during a catastrophe by bringing current data from the frontlines directly into the classroom.
  • The option to train at a client’s site, using a custom-tailored curriculum.

Training at The Center is delivered by our GA-level trainers who not only serve on our Management Team, but have also been active field supervisors to boot. These professionals teach what to do “when” — not “if” — adjusters encounter a particular situation in the field. Whether earthquake, wildfire, hurricane, hail or mold (in fact, we pretty much wrote the book on mold back when that catastrophe hit), we’ve been there. So we know what to teach and how to teach it. Wardlaw training provides the tools and the expertise to get the job done and allows adjusters to move directly from the classroom to the field.

Rounding out the Total Adjuster Program is the ongoing adjuster support offered by Wardlaw managers. These managers are high-level adjusters who have proven themselves in the field for many years, and are responsible for providing and maintaining quality control. A manager reviews every claim processed before returning it to the carrier. This practice ensures levels of consistency and accuracy that contribute to the best cycle-times in the industry.

Since its inception, more than 7,000 students from across the nation have successfully become Total Adjusters — and we didn’t even have to advertise! Word travels fast, and our students are our best recruiters. Join us!

Bringing it all Together: Our Annual Wardlaw Claims Conference keeps you on the cutting edge of the industry and gives you the opportunity to network and relax with your peers

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